Cheikh Kane Senegalese Musician
Cheikh Kane
Senagalese Musician / Singer /
Music Teacher / Instrument-Builder
All photos of Cheikh on this page (except Video-shots) by Skub Fotostudio, Freiburg, Germany

Allow me to introduce you to Cheikh Kane (pls. click here).  From the first few seconds of hearing him playing one of his flutes, I knew that this is the musician I’ve been yearning for to accompany me during my poetry readings/performances.  I’m quite proud to admit that I am definitely addicted to his compositions/musical arrangements.  My soul needed to be cradled.  Listening to him playing and/or singing, is like hearing a lullaby bringing peace and calm into your world.  I am ever so grateful to him for consenting to collaborate with me.

The Man: Cheikh Kane is a tall, slim, quiet, soft-spoken, humble African brother from Senegal.  His very warm, pleasant personality makes everyone immediately feel completely relaxed around him.  He’s got a velvety voice that is so soothing to hear.  Particularly when he sings, one is reminded of the late, great Nat King Cole!  However, Cheikh’s voice has its own magical touch. Whether you are a male or female, young or old, Cheikh’s the man to listen to.  His voice is a voice to be heard; his music, the music to flow through your brain letting you temporarily float in a stress-free inner world.

The Musician: Cheikh Kane is a multi-talent who studied classical music in his native Dakar, Senegal (West Africa).  Completing his studies using the flute, he was awarded a distinction for his music. He also won the West African competition “Les amis de la musique”.  Cheikh has travelled throughout Africa and Europe accompanying various internationally-known musicians.

Cheikh Cane playing the Kora He is most famous not only for playing traditional music, but also for his own compositions and arrangements using the Kora, the Balafon, the Djembe and the typical Senegalese bamboo flutes.  His style of playing gets one addicted to wanting to listen for hours and hours, day in, day out.

Cheikh has made Germany his temporary home, presently residing and working in Freiburg.  However, he constantly travels to his native Senegal gathering material for his other passion — the development of new instruments.  One of them is a Balafon which can be played while moving. 

His solo concert programmes include playing music of diverse styles with his various instruments.  His African ballads, which he also plays with an ensemble, are soothing to the ear.  Cheikh Kane also arranges musical programmes for all types of social events. 

The Music Teacher: Cheikh Kane gives individual as well as group lessons on diverse flutes and the kora.  He also organises workshops.  In addition, he coaches rhythm groups and bands. 
After teaching his students the basic techniques for playing the instrument of his/her choice, the student then learns:
• traditional West African melodies
• modern accompaniment techniques
• improvisation

The Instrument-Builder: Cheikh makes traditional African flutes as well as kale bass instruments to suit each individual

The Instruments: There are people good at imitating voices.  Cheikh Kane is a master at guiding his various types of flutes to create fantastic, soothing sounds imitating all kinds of birds.  The listeners become totally relaxed; their minds are transported into a different world in which only nature and peace reigns.

THE FLUTES Cheikh Cane with flutes
• Classic bamboo flutes
• Bansoori — Indian bamboo flute
• Toxoro — African bamboo flute
• Mbatusi — African Kale bass flute

• A West African kale bass instrument with 21 strings

Cheikh Cane and Kora

Contact Cheikh Kane:
Mobile: (49) 0179 – 54 63 330, Tel: (49) 0761 – 769 4959

Video: Journey to your Mind
ONSTAGE - ALTONALE FESTIVAL 2005 - Hamburg, Germany

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