was founded in November 2000
Jennifer M. Garnatz

the Jamaican author/self-publisher/songwriter
residing in Hamburg, Germany.

 Jennifer Garnatz - Mau-Vea Press e.k. 

The aims of the company are twofold: 

1)  Creative Activities:

To exploit all intellectual works (poems, stage-plays, screenplays, children's books, novels, articles, short stories, lyrics, songs) written/composed by its founder through publishing, marketing, selling such works directly, via the internet, via retailers/wholesalers, and by entering into licensing agreements with other publishing houses. 

Advertising possibilities: Interested parties may place advertising banners on the website and/or purchase a 1/4, 1/2 or full-page advertising space  to promote their own products in each book or CD published by Mau-Vea Press

In October 2001, the company presented its first book at the Frankfurt International Book Fair — an English-
language poetry volume titled
"romantically erotic, deadly religious”.
It was also presented in  New York, Chicago and Toronto.
The German version will soon be  under the title
Aufrüttelnde Gedanken”.


2)  Social Activities:

To manage the Lilian & Cepherd Michael Foundation (to be named after the author's deceased grandparents). Please click here for photo of grandparents. The foundation will support a geriatric home as well as underprivileged children in the Caribbean island of Jamaica.  The author intends to finance the foundation by contributing a part of her royalties earned from each product sold.

(Donations will naturally also be welcomed)

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Mailing Address: 
Osterstrasse 52, 20259 Hamburg
Federal Republic of Germany

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