I’m inviting you on a digital visit to Jamaica: Do enjoy looking at the photos I’ve placed on my website by clicking on the link below.  Every now and then I’ll exchange some of them.  Please feel free to write and let me know which photos you wish to stay permanently on the site.  I’ll leave them there just for you! Your feedback will be good for my soul and my website.  I hope you’ll also one day visit my native land.

When one reads about the Caribbean island of Jamaica overseas, or sees pictures in newscasts etc., one mainly sees beautiful beaches, ugly slums, rastamen smoking Ganja, or some crime scene.

It’s no wonder that someone in Germany even asked me if we have cars, cows, and houses made out of concrete.  Well, most Jamaicans do not live in slums, most Jamaicans do not smoke pot, and we are not a land full of criminals.  In almost every nation there are problem zones which even the natives avoid.  Furthermore, Jamaica has much more to offer than just beaches, slums, and pot to smoke. 

Like any so-called Third World country, particularly one which has a sad background of colonialism with Africans kidnapped and forced to work as slaves, Jamaica today has a very high unemployment rate with no welfare system.  This makes life extremely difficult for the poor.  But, we are nevertheless a very proud people, and we do our best to make life enjoyable and worth living for.  So, we thank The Almighty for whatever blessings He wishes to shower down upon us to reduce our sufferings.

My native land is a very beautiful, mountainous tropical country.  It has:  diverse vegetations/natural resources/wildlife; numerous beautiful post-colonial CONCRETE architectural structures built by our own architects, as talented as any in the world; a vibrant theatre/cultural life; an advanced education system with its own internationally-recognised university; people of all races living in harmony, etc. 

We do not only sing and dance to Reggae: We enjoy and perform all types of music.  Jamaican opera singers have even performed successfully throughout the world, for e.g.
Sir Willard Wentworth White, OM, CBE
Roderick Williams
Charles Anthony Moore, Mercedes Kirkwood, Abigail Kelly
and Curtis Watson, to name a few.

Being a member of the British Commonwealth, our governmental system is that of the Westminster model. We gained our independence on August 6, 1962. 

(c) 2005  private archive Jennifer Garnatz